Flexi Compliance KYC/AML Compliance
 Scale internationally

 Secure customer onboarding and flexible KYC solution
for Investment Funds, Wealth management,Transfer agents, Banks, Fintech...

Digital KYC Dossiers, Remediation, Signature powers, Board of Directors, Ultimate Beneficial Owners, PEP Checks with Dow Jones or Duns Bradstreet.

Flexible AML/KYC for any country and legislation.
100% designed for Salesforce platform.


Help your team prepare the KYC dossier using best of technologies and customer experience design. Increase conversions and reduce onboarding customers time.

New Customer and Investors’ Expectations
Today, investors should be welcomed in a secured community on the web and on mobile. The community is branded with the company design and contains latest and exclusive information for your customers and investors without requesting it.

The KYC Process Secured End to End
The security should be maintained with the best world specialists and regularly and automatically updated. For security reason, your system must not be bound to a component not maintainable/maintained in the future. Double authentication is used to onboard customers securely. Information can be easily secured with a profile, field security rules and even encrypted.

Customer Onboarding as First Priority
Internally Sales and Compliance should be able to cooperate to streamline and ease customers on boarding. It should be easy to track activities, priorities and follow an action plan. Information should be typed or use automatic recognition when possible so no need to decode handwritten forms and information can be used directly in workflow. Documents are directly uploaded from the web or mobile and stored in a legal electronic archive automatically which the same legal power as paper. Capturing changes to major fields like a company name automatically will reduce checking actions and permit to follow the customers and investors life automatically.

Future Proofed Solution
In case of legal change, the compliance tool should be easy to change in minutes by adding new fields and/or adding a workflow. Reports are delivering KPIs and compliance reports has required today and for the future needs. It should be easy to create a mobile app with the same branding and functions as the community. It should also be easy to add multiple sources of KYC data, adverse media independently from providers. Adding artificial intelligence based on the KYC data model can provide assistance to streamline actions and points out risks.

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