Flexi Compliance
KYC AML for Salesforce

The flexible KYC/AML
Customer onboarding solution for
Investment Funds, Banks, Fintech, and finance industry


Help your team prepare the KYC dossier using best technologies and design. Increase conversions and reduce onboarding customers time.

The Main Features

Our solution is flexible in content and process with unique Intelligent components. Documents can be saved in Vaults like AWS Glacier. An add value to increase your productivity.


Salesforce guarantees highest industry security levels like Two-Factor Authentications, Password Policies, Login IP Ranges, Decrease Session Timeout Thresholds.

Online onboarding

Your customers runs his onboarding with his own pace. Automatic reminders emails can be sent to them. Also, they can follow the progress status of documents uploads.


The best design experience for your customers onboarding. Easy customising will allows you to adapt to new legislation using drag and drop.

Flexible content

Usually, changing forms requires reprogramming, tests and time, our technology is based on flexible components even for document uploads.

Flexible process

Salesforce offers a variety of flexible approval flow and processes which permit to deliver any requirement in short time.


According to your business, any fields, any documents, can be added to the KYC procedure. It is completely customisable and easy.

Video presentation

Demo flexible components, KYC documents request settings.


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